Smile: Dog steals dentures and runs around with a huge toothy grin

Michigan resident Ben Campbell had purchased a set of dentures as a joke to entertain himself and possibly others with some amusing selfies. Obviously, Ben’s tiny Yorkshire terrier took the lead when his curiosity made for a few hilarious moments.

Check this one out:

Campbell posted the video to YouTube which quickly went viral. Labeled “Toothy Thomas” the video has been viewed more than 1,839,100 times.

In the footage, Thomas doesn’t get what all the fuss is about, but he surely likes his new teeth; the pooch carefully eludes capture so as not to share his newfound toy.

“I got some fake teeth for some quarantine comic relief and well … Thomas stole them off of the table,” Campbell wrote on YouTube.

Perhaps the comments are as funny as the video. Don’t worry Thomas – everyone is laughing with you – not at you.

His teeth be looking better than mine

That was BEAUTIFUL . Your laugh killed me LOL !!
Sigmund Q Freud
No way Thomas is giving up his treasure.
This is what happens when you drink too much McDonalds Sprite.
Dental work courtesy of Steve Harvey’s dentist.
Obnoxious Goof
How I see Smile Dog in 2020:

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