Snuggly shelter dog has health issues and everyone passes him by

A snuggly shelter dog is waiting for a lap to cuddle on, but visitors to the Will County Humane Society just pass him by. His name is Gerald and he struggles with some arthritis in his spine, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to live his life and love someone.

On Monday morning, the shelter posted a photo of the seven-year-old dog, writing:

This little guy gets passed up because he has some health abnormalities. But he is the sweetest little man and just wants to be snuggled and kept warm.


As stated in his profile, Gerald will likely require long-term arthritis medication to be kept comfortable. He would be perfect for someone who just wants constant companionship and a couch buddy.

Finding Gerald a home

You can lend Gerald a hand by sharing his adoption information. Find his Petfinder link here.


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Shorewood, IL 60431
Phone: (815) 741-0695

Shelter’s Facebook page here.

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