Social media miracle accomplished: Neapolitan Mastiff in danger rescued

Saving a troubled Neapolitan Mastiff the internet fell in love with this week has been accomplished thanks to the miracles of social media, as an army of animal advocates shared, planned and raised funds to rescue the dog scheduled to be humanely euthanized this week.

At the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter in Moreno Valley, California, the six-year-old dog, with the saddest eyes had been given one last extension to live until noon on Friday.

Described as a “blue and white,” this big guy had been at the shelter since March 13. He had not been out of his kennel and had been deemed human aggressive by the shelter. He came in on a catch pole (as a stray in the field) and despite their best efforts, the staff was not able to get him out of his kennel. He lunged at the kennel whenever anyone approached or if he didn’t like the treat offered.

And then a change occurred, a video was posted showing the dog accepting a bit of human kindness – even wagging his tail.

On Friday, the AZ Mastiff Rescue stepped in to help. Heading straight to the veterinarian’s office, he received his vaccines and medication for kennel cough. He has a skin condition that didn’t show in the photos, but depending on the laboratory results, the treatment plan could be costly.

He is expected to remain in Southern California for a few days and then head out to Phoenix.

When his physical condition improves, the rescue organization will pursue the problems relating to his behavior.

To help, please donate for this boy’s treatment and future care.

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