Social media revels as cat and museum security guard resume face-off

In Onomichi, located in the Hiroshima Prefecture, photos of a cat and a museum security guard having a face-off outside of the Onomichi City Museum of Art, have gone viral. The guard and the black kitty earned Internet fame three years ago when photos on Twitter showed the security guard trying to keep the cat from entering the museum.

Meet the cat named Ken-chan and Sadao Umayahara, the security guard. It seems Ken-chan lives near the museum at a restaurant, and when we first met the sassy kitty, he was being blocked from entering the museum that was coincidentally holding a “Nekomamire” (Cats all over) exhibition at the time.

According to the Asahi Shimbun, the museum has held many exhibits featuring cats. How did Ken-chan know, but Umayahara wasn’t letting him enter.

And now – months later, the two are back on Twitter. They had not seen each other since March 14 when the museum closed down because of Covid19, but they’re back! And it was not too soon for social media users.

“A photo of the two for the first time in a while. We’ve been waiting for you, meow!”, a staff member at the museum tweeted.

And then we saw the photo of Ken-chan lying on the sidewalk in front of the museum with Umayahara looking at him. The cat wasn’t used to seeing the guard in a mask, but his eyes told the story of his deep affection for the kitty.

Oddly, it seems as if Ken-chan only wants to enter the museum when Umayahara – who only works during special exhibits, is on duty. And when the cat saw him, it cuddled up to him as usual.

More Ken-chan updates as the sightings continue.

Hopefully you are all smiling. We all can use heartwarming stories.

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