Someone loved this dog once: Cold and hungry Vivian has been saved

In the Los Angeles area, a desperate German shepherd slept in front of a train station – dirty and very pregnant. Commuters  passed her by; no one seemed to notice her nor her heartbreaking plight. If she could speak, perhaps this is what she would have said:

“I have been very cold and hungry and I’m worried about what will happen to us. I need to be strong for my babies, but it has been so difficult! Please help me! Love, Vivian”

Vivian surely must have been loved once, but someone dumped her and since then life has been hard. Why didn’t her previous owner have her spayed? Why didn’t her previous owner cared for her dog instead of dumping her on the streets – pregnant?

On Saturday, the community and animal advocates came together to help Vivian.  Soon she will be on her way to Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles.

“It took one person to dump her and it will take a village to save her and the puppies! Can you help us care for the sweet mama and her puppies for 8 weeks!?”

To donate, please use this link, dedicated to Vivian’s care:…

For check donations, please mail to WGSR 3016 S. Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90007.

Updates to follow.

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