Someone threw a crated dog into a dumpster

A dog was the victim of an incredible heartless act of animal cruelty in Manatee County, Florida. The Facebook page, Support No Kill Manatee County, posted a photo of a dog inside of dumpster and explained:

The dog was left in its crate with no means of escape and would have either starved to death or been crushed alive in a waste truck if Waste Management workers had not seen it and rescued it.

Can you imagine the horrible death this dog would have suffered had she not been found? Trapped in a crate, in the heat, in a sweltering, filthy dumpster?

The dog was found in a dumpster located at the Speedway gas station located at SR 64 and Upper Manatee River Road/Lakewood Ranch Blvd. Anyone with information about who is responsible for this criminal abandonment is asked to call Manatee County Animal Services to assist in their investigation: 941-742-5933.

(Image via Facebook)

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