Special little stray emaciated pup trying to overcome her challenges

With the help of very kind and an experienced shelter staff in Escambia County, Florida just a few days ago, a little stray puppy named Ducky made it through her stray hold period even though the staff originally feared she wouldn’t survive.

Ducky is now with Friends of the Escambia County Animal Shelter and will be spending the next two weeks at Spanish Trail Veterinary Hospital where she will remain  while she receives specialized care and gains weight.

Ducky weighs just 12-pounds and likely suffers from hydrocephalus and scoliosis. She has the usual issues affecting flat-faced dogs – aka brachycephalic dogs who are so cute and adorable with their smushed faces. This little one is barely eight-months-old and has clearly been neglected during her very short life.

This puppy loves to be cuddled and carried around to take in the views and the new sights. From now on, Ducky will no longer worry where her next meal is coming from nor worry if something hurts her. She  is not available at this time for adoption, but one day it is hoped she will find her forever home with loads of love and respect.

Donations for this little one:

Donations may be made here without fees, via PayPal to ecasfriends@gmail.com

Venmo @FriendsofECAS,

Or mail FOTECAS, PO Box 11553, Pensacola, FL 32524.

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