Starved dog found near dump site

A badly neglected dog is getting a second chance at life after being found at a dump site. On May 1, the St. Croix Animal Welfare posted a photo of the starved dog, dubbed Macho, explaining how he was found:

Macho was found near the Mon Bijou garbage dump site. A very kind person picked him up and brought him to the shelter. Macho weighs 34 pounds. He should weigh nearly twice that.

Macho’s condition is so dire that even in his starved condition, he refused to eat over the weekend. The shelter writes:

Macho had no appetite at all this weekend. We offered him so many different foods – he had no interest. So we gave him IV fluids, and lots of gentle TLC, and hoped for the best. Sometimes that is all we can do, just hope that with rest and kindness the body and spirit will begin to recover.

Offering a bit of hope that Macho might overcome the odds that are stacked against him:

And…it seems to be working, yesterday Macho showed signs that he is feeling better! We got tail wags, and he started eating!! Huge thanks to everyone who brought chicken for Macho, that’s what first got him eating. And then he ate canned puppy food – woohoo!

Follow Macho’s recovery, and the shelter, at this link to Facebook.

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