Starving and Abandoned, Dog With Bright Blue Eyes Freed from Chain

“Break the chains!” That’s what a concerned neighbor yelled at Donna with Stray Rescue of St. Louis after she arrived to free an abandoned and starving dog.

The dog – with startling crystal blue eyes – was tethered to a home with a large, heavy chain. His ribs were protruding from his skin, evidence that he had not eaten in a long time.

The dog – who they named Cobalt – was very excited to see them. He wagged his tail and jumped up on them and devoured the sausages they threw on the ground for him.

Donna pulled out bolt-cutters and used all her strength to try and break the chain. “Break the chains” the neighbor yelled and she pushed harder. Finally the chain gave. “You got him free,” the relieved neighbor said.

Cobalt was so hungry he ripped open the bag of dog food in the back of Donna’s truck! Donna reassures everyone that, “He will NEVER EVER be left behind again.”

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