Stolen dog reunited with family nearly 14 years after disappearing

Nearly 14 years after being stolen from a yard in Texas, a now senior dog has been reunited with his family. The miraculous story was recounted days ago by Saving Hope rescue.

The animal welfare agency writes:

13 years ago, the Webster family had just gotten married and was starting their family in Houston, Texas. Remington, aka Remi, was their first son. At 9 weeks old, Remi was flown down from lowa as a wedding present for Aaron’s wife and they immediately fell in love. Two blissful, happy months passed by before tragedy struck. Remi was stolen from a family member’s yard when they were over visiting. They searched for months and months to find Remi and ultimately assumed the worst. He was only three pounds at the time.

Fast forward to February – nearly 14 years from the time that the puppy vanished he was reunited with his owners thanks to an embedded microchip. The Yorkie, badly matted, dirty and injured, was picked up by a Fort Worth animal control officer, and the animal control agency turned to Saving Hope for assistance.

With a bit of sleuthing, the senior dog’s family was located. The rescue group writes:

After nearly fourteen years missing and miles and miles away from home, Remi had finally been found. Aaron and his wife, and their three growing children, were elated and overjoyed to finally welcome Remi back into his home. Remi Webster is finally home and will be loved by his family for the rest of his days.

Welcome home Remington!

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