Strangers came together to help save puppy who ate a rock

Earlier this week, things were looking grim for a puppy named Zeus. The six-month-old pup had eaten a rock, which became lodged in his lower intestine. The situation required expensive, emergency surgery which was out of his owner’s financial reach.

Desperate for help, his owner called different veterinary hospitals in the area, hoping for a more affordable option. Her efforts were fruitless, as was her hope to be granted care credit. Adding to her despair, she had purchased pet insurance for her pup, but it does not kick in for another two weeks and the insurance company wouldn’t budge to cover the surgery bill.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Pet Rescue Report learned of the financial issues facing Zeus’ family and stepped in to help. In short order, after publishing an article about the need to raise funds for the emergency surgery, strangers donated enough to get Zeus the surgery he needed to survive and remain with his family.

Zeus’ owner, Yolanda. told the Pet Rescue Report:

So far he’s doing great! Still seems to be groggy from the pain meds but has managed to eat some food an drink some water and has kept it down! So that’s amazing!!

Adding words of gratitude:

I’m praying he makes a full recovery with no future issues. I really want to thank you for all your help!!! You are truly a blessing.

The Pet Rescue Report would like to thank each and every person who helped save Zeus’ life. You are amazing!

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