Stray dog used to be invisible and not one person helped her until the world had mercy on her

Stella had been invisible to the world for months. The two-year-old dog didn’t have a name or a home, and everyday she struggled to survive -all in a rural Texas city left scavenging for scraps of food to stave off the hunger pains. Her nails were so long she could barely walk, her body full of fleas, ticks and parasites inside and out, and her eyes so infected she could barely see. Stella was about to give up, but the world had mercy on her.
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ThisIsHouston picked Stella up from the shelter, and she immediately curled up into a ball on the towels. She just loved having a clean, dry place to rest. She didn’t cry out during the ride to the shelter.
“She has sarcoptic mange and is 90% hairless. She’s got so much gunky discharge in her eyes that she can’t even see out of them. She was picked up as a stray yesterday by Harris County Animal Shelter. The shelter said she’s been so defeated and she doesn’t even move or walk. She just snuggles up into a ball and slept. They couldn’t even heartworm test her because her skin is so painful.”
Stella is currently at Vergi 24/7 where she is being administered intravenous fluids, antibiotics and pain medications. She is most likely anemic and dehydrated and will be getting the best life saving treatment possible.
Stella is truly a diamond in the rough, and we can’t wait to see her transformation! Her new friends think she might be another husky. We will see.
To donate to Stella:
Call Vergi at 713-932-9589
Venmo @ThisIsHouston

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