Stray husky has litter of puppies in Texas oil field and help is on the way

In Midland, Texas, a stray husky had been living at an oil field. The kind workers had been feeding her daily, but on Saturday night, she gave birth to a litter of nine puppies. The men put out a plea for help when they spotted the young mother underneath a trailer nursing her newborns.

Midland Animal Shelter Adoptions (MASA Rescue) quickly stepped up to help. The temperature had expected to drop into the 40s, and no one wanted to leave the new mother and her puppies out in the cold.

And here is Quest. She is estimated to be three to four-years of age. When rescuers arrived, they could hear the little ones squeaking. Slowly approaching the frightened mother with food and soft words, she allowed one of the volunteers to leash her and was then able to lead her out from underneath the trailer.

Quest and her puppies are all safely tucked in at a foster home. She needs food, blankets, vaccinations, dewormer, heartworm testing and spaying once her puppies are weaned. Please help.

Vaccinations – $93
Heartworm testing – $35
Dewormer – $20
Spay – $200

If you would like to donate to their care you can click on this link:


MASA Rescue
P.O. Box 6016
Midland, TX 79704

Check out the photos and the lives that were saved. Please help if you can.

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