Stray pup found dragging her back legs and has been at Texas shelter for days

At the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control, a three-year-old dog was found on February 5, 2021 dragging her back legs. Animal advocates are begging for help; a shelter is no where for a dog who needs immediate medical attention to be.

According to volunteers at the shelter, Ms Cupid (46600677) weighs 63 pounds, is not spayed and is heartworm negative. She is non weight bearing in her rear quarters, has no movement, but does have feeling. She has marks where she has been dragging herself around.

Medical notes:

“Needs xrays and rescue. Scabbed laceration on top of left side of head. Some sores in between her thighs. Starting pain management medication. Giving oral liquid medication for first doses. Sweet, easy/able to handle at this time.”

As of February 8, Ms Cupid has no rescue offers. Even though the shelter has a veterinarian and are doing the best they can for this sweet dog, they do not have the resources to provide her with the specialized treatment she needs. Please spare her life and share her plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

All rescue/adoption tags must be sent via EMAIL:
Transport must be arranged by adopter or rescue. The shelter isn’t responsible for this.
This dog is located at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control/Chuck Silcox Adoption Center located at  4900 Martin Street, Fort Worth Texas 76119.

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