Surrendered German shepherd terrified and glued to her bed

In a heartbreaking photo, Liza, a seven-year-old German shepherd surrendered to the Downey Animal Care Center in California, is terrified; she stays glued to the wall and to her little blue bed.

A volunteer at the shelter has been visiting Liza for a week and is worried about the dog’s condition.

“…She does not want to leave the safety of her little blue bed for even lunch meat. I have been visiting her for a week and she hasn’t been eating much, always a full bowl. Too scared to touch the floor of the kennel to go eat,” Desi Lara wrote on Facebook describing the dog’s obvious heartbreak and loneliness.

Finally able to coax Liza out of her kennel, she listened and followed, but her tail was tucked in the entire time while she cautiously walked slowly. It is unknown why Liza was an owner surrender, but reports state the family was upset, and it was most likely because of dire circumstances. She had been an indoor pampered pup, and the owners offered to give the shelter money to keep her safe until she was adopted.

Check out her video – she may have a nervous smile but her heart is broken.

Posted by Desi Lara on Saturday, October 19, 2019

Miracle German Shepherd of Maine has stepped up to help. She is house trained, cat, dog and people friendly. Liza is perfect – now to get her out of the shelter safely.

Update: (A5324647)

“October 20: LIZA is safely out of the shelter thanks to Miracle German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Maine. For the first time in a week she is relaxed and resting. A forever loving home will be found for her once she arrives in Maine.”

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