Surveillance video shows man killing girlfriend’s dog

A Florida man was arrested after surveillance video showed him killing his girlfriend’s dog. As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, the criminal act was captured after 21-year-old Matthew Cole Fox’s girlfriend’s mother set up a camera because she suspected that he was abusing the dog.

The camera captured Fox antagonizing the dog – and then a loud noise can be heard. A deputy recorded what was heard in the arrest report, writing:

“Off camera you continue to hear the dog growling and barking until the dog lets out one last defensive bark and you hear a ‘thud’ noise,”

The camera also caught Fox cleaning up his hands and using paper towels, presumably to clean up the crime scene. The report continues:

“Minutes later the subject is seen holding what appears to be a lifeless dog and walks off camera.”

Fox apparently knew about the camera and tried to hide the dog’s body behind his back before leaving the body in a bedroom in an attempt to make it appear like the dog had died naturally. Fox was arrested and is facing multiple charges, including aggravated cruelty to animals and tampering with physical evidence, both felonies.

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