Suspects identified in cruel case of dog being set on fire

Two suspects have been identified in a horrible case of animal cruelty involving a young dog who was set on fire in West Haven, Connecticut. As reported by NBC Connecticut, after watching surveillance footage and talking to area residents, two individuals were identified as being tied to the cruel case which claimed the life of a one-year-old dog.

At some point between 10 p.m. July 4 and 1 a.m. July 5, a young Schnauzer was doused in accelerant and set on fire  in the area of Beach Street, near Third Avenue/Second Avenue. Police were initially called to the area to investigate a report of an “uncontained fire.”

The suspects have not yet been named, but one of the individuals who has been interviewed by the authorities is said to be cooperating with the police. Arrest warrants for the suspects are expected.

Many people in the area have expressed hope for stiffer animal cruelty penalties – especially in light of brutal animal cruelty crimes such as this one.

Anyone with information about this incident can report to:

West Haven Animal Control 203-937-3642
*West Haven Police Department
*Detective Wolf

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