‘Sweetest’ dog surrendered to shelter over potty training issues

An adorable little dog, described as the “sweetest” guy, has been surrendered to an animal shelter in Johnson County, Indiana, over potty training issues. The two-year-old pup, named Cosmo, is with the Humane Society of Johnson County, which created a Facebook post on his behalf on Sunday evening:

Our little guy Cosmo is the sweetest, but is really scared. He isn’t sure why he ended up with us. He is such a good boy. Here’s what we know: Cosmo is about 2yrs old, vaccinated, heartworm tested, and neutered. He was surrendered for not quite getting the potty training down.


We don’t know if he will ever get potty training nailed down, what we do know is there are potty pads, belly bands and some other tools to help him with that. What he is great at is unconditional love, sweetness, kisses and companionship 💕

Are you interested in this adorable dog? You can visit the shelter’s website to complete an application to adopt at this link.

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