Terrified puppy surrendered in crate with ‘CAUTION’ on card

At Chicago Animal Care and Control, a terrified young dog was brought into the shelter inside of a portable airline crate with the word “CAUTION” on his card. Apparently, the pup named Mochi tried to bite the microchip scanner when he was brought into the shelter, and therefore labeled as dangerous.

Animal advocate, Lindsay Wade tells the dog’s story through his heartbreaking videos. He is frightened, but soon warms up to Lindsay’s kindness and compassion.

 “This guy has stolen my heart. Rather than do a whole bunch of explaining of our day together, we’ve documented it here so you can see his voyage of finding a moment of peace. Mochi will need someone special as a foster… someone who understands he may bolt and hide at first,” Lindsay wrote on her Facebook page.

“We don’t think Mochi had slept since he arrived on the 28th. He didn’t move against the airline crate when I opened the door, he had been like that, pressed into the corner in complete fear and anxiety. It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen a dog this shut down at the shelter. He REALLY needs out.

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Mochi never tried to snap or bite anyone. When he first came out of the crate, he flailed and ran to hide in the corner; who could blame him? Sadly, he was so frightened he defecated on himself.

“The worst part, as soon as we put him back (with a comfortable stuffed animal and comfy blanket) he went right back to the corner of the cage.”

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