Texas shelter pleading for help for tiny ‘Saint’

Saint is eight-years-old and weighs slightly under 7 pounds. Somehow he became a stray pup and no one has come to take him home from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas.

Saint does have a microchip, but since it isn’t recent, the only history there is for this friendly little chap is that he had been rehomed  a few years ago and there is no current information.

“So here he is in our shelter and not too thrilled with his accommodations and is happy to let everyone know,” a volunteer for the MCAS posted on social media.

When Saint goes outdoors however, his adorable personality blooms. He wears a harness when he walks, prances around the play yard with confidence and comes when he is called. Sadly, many dogs do not adjust well to shelter life and become very difficult to place in new homes.

The shelter and volunteers alike are hoping this plea to rescue this senior will help.

“Please ask for Sande, one of our volunteers who has a great relationship with him. She will assist with the meet and greet and hopefully find this kiddo a new loving home.”

Share Saint with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

“Saint” A332643 8years old, 6.8lbs and heartworm negative

RESCUES may contact Catherine at 281-723-0185
FOSTERS may contact Courtney at 832-702-4407

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