Thieves took off with desperately needed supplies from Florida shelter

At the Humane Society of the Nature Coast located in Brooksville, Florida, the shelter was broken into on Sunday night wiping out nearly all of the supplies needed to help local pets – both unwanted or in need of homes.

According to the organization’s Facebook page, the thieves nearly wiped out the storage barns stealing dog and cat food, toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizers, bleach, detergent, two large event tents, dog collars, animal clothes, weed eaters, blowers, gas cans, a push lawn mower and numerous incidentals.

The heartless criminals cut the fence and parked on the road stealing 90 percent of the shelter’s supplies.

“We are completely devastated. We have finger prints, shoe marks and cameras. If anyone happened to be driving on Wiscon Road last night and saw a vehicle parked near our gate, please call the Hernando County Sheriff’s Department.”

The Humane Society of the Nature Coast is asking for help and donations from the public. Sadly, there are no levels to the cruelty of others including defenseless pets.

To donate please click here.

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