Three horribly abused puppies discovered in cardboard box

In Columbus, Georgia, three horribly abused puppies abandoned in a cardboard box were discovered on Friday. No one was around to see who dumped them. No one knows how long they were left along the side of the road.

Animal Ark Rescue described the condition of the puppies. When found, it was clear the innocent puppies had suffered and endured injuries purposely inflicted upon them.

“When found it was evident they had significant injuries with the black puppy unable to stand or walk on his own. They received emergency care last night. Sadly the black puppy NEVER stood a chance and died under veterinary supervision.”

The black puppy was covered in what appeared to be bite wounds on his body. The updated medical examinations on the two surviving puppies were equally as frightening.

“…We cannot even put into words what these puppies have endured. Their injuries include burns by cigarettes, broken jaws, broken teeth and an eye poked out. In 20 years of being a veterinarian, our vet has NEVER seen this amount of horrible abuse and was emotionally troubled by his findings,” posted the rescue organization.

Tragically, the black puppy had no chance of survival, however the other two are expected to recover in time with medical care and love.

“We need your help if we want to heal their bodies. We need your help if we’re going to erase the brutality that has filled our week. We need your help if we want to change our city! Please donate if you can! Any amount will make a significant difference for these young souls.”

Updates to follow.

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