Tiny dog survives after his head got stuck in moving car’s grill

A four-pound dog survived getting hit by a car and then getting his head stuck in the moving car’s grill on Monday near Tampa, Florida. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office stated the tiny dog had been struck by a Toyota and during the collision, his head became entangled in the front grill of the car.

The driver, completely unaware of what had happened, drove for another quarter of a mile when pulled over by authorities who were able to rescue the dog. He was taken to Senior Paws Sanctuary for immediate care.

“He’s only 4 lbs , sheriffs office reported he was hit by a car , call came in for assistance . Caller stated dog was struck by a car , driver did not stop but continued to drive and dog was stuck in the grill of the car . Today this little guy is in our care headed to a surgeon immediately . We know his hip is broke , shelter vet suspects bone placement is causing him to not be able to have a bowel
Movement but we will know more once he’s into surgery today . For this little guy…”

On Tuesday, the three year old pint sized pooch underwent surgery for multiple pelvic fractures. And even though he has been through a lot of trauma for one so tiny, veterinarians are expecting the pooch, now dubbed Dill, to make a full recovery.

The total bill is unknown for Dill’s surgery and care, but estimated around $2500 if no unknown issues are found .
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