Too young to live his whole life in boarding – please help Gunny

A young bulldog, just two years of age, is being held at a boarding facility in Kansas – he is stuck there, despite efforts to move him into a forever home, or even to a rescue group. His name is Gunny and he was given up by his owner who surrendered him to a city animal control.

Thanks to a group of women who work to save dogs from being put down, Gunny was pulled from the pound and taken to boarding where it was hoped that a rescue group, or new owner, could be found – but Gunny likes to be the only  pet child and because of that, nobody will take him.

His advocate tells the Pet Rescue Report that Gunny is “very sweet and playful.” She worries that he will be stuck in boarding for the rest of his life – an unacceptable situation for a young, playful dog who should be enjoying his life with a devoted dog parent.

You can help Gunny out by sharing this article – somewhere out there is Gunny’s person – they just need to be found!

Location: Pittsburg, KS

Questions? Please call Leann at 620-719-9639

(Image of Gunny provided to the Pet Rescue Report)

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