Tragic update after elderly dog rescued from storm drain

A tragic update has been shared about an elderly dog who was rescued days ago from a storm drain in Richland County, South Carolina. As reported by ABC News 4, the 17-year-old dog, named Maxine, died on Sunday, just days after being saved.

Maxine’s owner, Fran Prokop, believes that the stress was too much for the elderly dog to overcome.

The senior dog got trapped in the storm drain after being let out and “running off,” on May 15. With the help of sheriff’s deputies and good Samaritans, Maxine was rescued from the drain and taken to a veterinary clinic. Her microchip led the authorities to her owner.

The sheriff’s office was emotional about Maxine’s passing, but expressed gratitude that she did not die alone in the storm drain.

Rest in peace Maxine.

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