Trailer and all – family moved away dog left behind due to be euth’ed

In Monahans, Texas a dog’s family moved away – trailer and all and decided to leave their dog behind. Currently the sweet dog is at the county shelter, but if not rescued or placed in a foster care situation, he will be euthanized.

An animal advocate offers the following information:

“His so called family moved away, trailer and all and left him behind because once again people can be so da** trashy.

He has no aggression and very sweet from what I’ve read…I don’t know people in Monahans so have no clue what to do or if others are trying to help over there.”

The dog appears to be a Blue Heeler; there is limited information, but his life is about to end if he isn’t rescued. If anyone is able to help or rescue him, please contact the police department at (432) 943-3254.

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