Trained police dog has been at the animal shelter for two years

For two years, a special dog has been waiting for a new owner at a Connecticut animal shelter. When Flash, a Belgian Malinois/German shepherd mix, was taken in at the Harwinton Animal Control, she was in poor condition.

Tom Mitchell, Harwinton’s animal control officer, tells the Register Citizen that she was, “very skinny and a mess.” But that underweight, neglected dog was something special. Mitchell could see that Flash was intelligent and driven…perfect qualities to become a working police dog.

The former stray was enrolled in specialized training and learned what was necessary to become a dual-purpose dog, with expertise in narcotics detection and suspect apprehension. At one point, a Texas police department expressed interest in taking Flash in to work for them, but the plans fell through and today she still sits at the animal control agency, waiting for her chance.

Flash can’t go to any family – she has resource guarding issues and she can be reactive to those unfamiliar to her. But she is devoted to her handler and Mitchell is sure that someone out there can provide her with the right living situation.

Mitchell tells the news agency, ““She’s amazing. I wish more people would come and meet her.”

Find the animal control agency’s Facebook page here.

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