‘Trojan Horse Terrier’ puppies need homes after arriving at shelter

In Yulee, Florida, six adorable puppies arrived at the Nassau County Animal Services. All are playful, loving and ready to be adopted.

A popular question among those who have seen the puppies on the shelter’s social media page have questioned the breed of the pups:

“…world renowned certified canine breedologist, ImaFibber, PhD and her assistant Bea A. Liar, BS, to determine the exact breed of these pups:

‘Trojan Horse Terriers’ Dr. Fibber states that these loyal and faithful dogs were smuggled into the ancient city of Troy by the Greeks in the famous Trojan Horse in 1184 B.C. Dr. Fibber states this breed is ferociously loyal, intelligent they make exceptionally wonderful pets. Please spread the word to all your social media friends that Nassau County Services has a rare ‘Trojan Horse Terriers puppies’ available for adoption and let’s find him a new home!”

Check out a few of the photos; have you ever seen such cuteness in one place? The adoption fee is $149 and includes:

Spay/Neuter Surgery, Rabies Vaccination, Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus Combo Vaccination. Bordetella Vaccination, Heartworm Test if over 6 months, ID Microchip, Nassau County Dog License (if applicable).

You can find an adoption application here: https://bit.ly/NCASadopt Applications are subject NCAS approval. If NCAS receives more than one application for the same pet, we will place the pet in the home that is best suited for that pet. Nassau County Animal Services is showing pets by appointment, please call the shelter for details.

Call the shelter for an appointment or more information, 904.530.6150.

(Please note the Nassau County Animal Services presented the puppies as “Trojan Horse Terriers” in fun!)

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