Trooper adopts puppy injured in car crash

A trooper in North Carolina has adopted a puppy who was injured in a late March car crash in Henderson County. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol announced the adoption to Facebook followers this week and explained how the pup was injured:

On March 27, Troopers Jonathan Maybin & Tony Osteen were called to the scene of a collision that occurred on I-26 in Henderson County. Upon arrival, the troopers determined a passenger car had struck a pickup camper shell that had blown off a vehicle and was left within the roadway.

According to the authorities, a small dog kennel was discovered with the camper shell – the agency explains that the kennel had apparently fallen from the same vehicle that lost the camper shell, and inside was a severely injured puppy.

The law enforcement agency writes:

After wrapping the injured puppy in a towel, Trooper Osteen transported the dog to a nearby animal hospital, where the pup underwent several treatment procedures. As a result of no one coming forward to claim the injured pup, Trooper Osteen began adoption procedures to ensure the pup had a home.

The puppy is now known as Emory and is expected to make a full recovery with her new owner.

(Image via Facebook)

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