Two Chi seniors ‘seized’ after their owner was found deceased

In Houston, Texas, two tiny senior Chihuahuas need help. The bonded pair were seized by authorities after their owner was found deceased in their home. Their whole world has changed – once a family unit with a loving human to take care of them and now locked away in a shelter cage at the Houston County Animal Shelter.

Both are seniors and can be seen shivering in fear and confusion. Each weigh only five pounds; the white one has no teeth. One of the dogs is 10-years-old;  the other is 12-years of age. Both have tested negative for heart worms.

Share their plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Make sure to reference A536998 and A537000. Be the voices for those who cannot speak.

Both dogs are currently at the Harris County Animal Shelter located at 612 Canino Road in Houston. Phone: 281.999.3191.

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