Two dirty pups went unnoticed for weeks while they tried to survive

For weeks, two dirty pups went unnoticed on a residential cul-de-sac in the Ananheim Hills are of California. The fluffy, little guys tried to avoid the horrible heat by seeking shade underneath parked cars. People walked by them as if the lives of these poor orphaned pooches didn’t count.

Someone did leave a cup of water, but that hardly helped the heartbreaking situation.

And as the two dogs moved from one car to another, no one bothered to scoop them up and take them to the nearest shelter, put them in their backyards to keep  them safe or take them to a veterinarian’s office for help.

“Maybe it’s because  the dogs were ‘dirty’ or the people were in a ‘rush’ or ‘afraid’,” the Ghetto Rescue FFoundation posted on Thursday morning as a volunteer headed out to the area to help.

“Well we know they are dirty, we are always in a rush and sometimes we are afraid, but we have a few folks who do most of the street work, and they go when they can.”

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714 924-4733 voice message line
*Also see  shelter intervention and family pet assistance program in Texas, Loving Texas Pet Assistance.
Updates to follow on these two little guys.

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