Two dogs comfort each other after owner died in hiking accident

Two dogs are mourning the loss of their owner who died in a tragic hiking accident in Colorado. Tonka and Little P. had been hiking with their owner, Kris Busching when the tragedy occurred. Now the dogs are comforting each other at Mr. Bones & Co, a New York based animal shelter.

The dogs’ owner, Kris Busching and his friend Mark had been hiking when they lost their way. After two days the men spotted a creek at the bottom of a canyon.

“During the descent down the canyon to get to water, with Kris holding onto Tonka and Little P beside him, he lost his footing and stumbled trying to pull his dogs to safety. All three of them fell to the bottom of the canyon. Kris died upon impact. His loyal and well-loved dogs sustained injuries but were alive,” a GoFundMe page hoping to raise money to care for the dogs stated.

When search and rescue reached Kris, both dogs had remained by their human’s side.

Mark stayed with the dogs in Colorado until the dogs were stable enough to travel. Bones & Co transported the dogs to an emergency veterinarian in Long Island where Tonka required extensive surgery for a broken leg. Little P underwent tests to make sure his jaw wasn’t fractured.

The dogs are expected to recover. Both dogs are bonded and comfort each other. The organization is looking for a home for the two dogs so they may stay together.

To support the rescue of TONKA and LITTLE P, and honor their dad, please visit the fundraising link at
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