Unlikely friends: Deer and dog play cross-species tag

On Monday evening, the owner of a frisky, rescued German shepherd watched “unlikely friends” – dog and a deer play tag along the fence of his Lakewood Ranch home.

According to Ethan Cole’s Facebook page, he let his dog, Ike, out to play in the yard when the shepherd spotted an unfamiliar sight on the other side of the chained link fence. Ike had to check it out, and as he was sniffing the strange visitor, the deer pranced away and that was that. Moments later, however, the deer popped back into sight and started to run along the fence.Ethan recorded the adorable antics of the deer and dog and stated how the two had been “clearly enjoying each other.” The over the top sweet video quickly went viral.

The doe has been hanging around the property, and Cole stated the two were back again frolicking across the fence on Tuesday evening.

We can always use a smile. Many thanks to Ethan Cole for providing the opportunity.

The video can be viewed here. (Copy and paste the link into your browser)


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