Unlikely hero – Amazon driver saves elderly dog from drowning in family’s pool

An elderly dog, 14 years of age, is alive today thanks to an unlikely hero. According to multiple sources, in August, the senior husky fell into his family’s pool and he was unable to get out. Amazon driver John Cassabria was in the vicinity of the Caldwell family’s home in Woburn, Massachusetts, when he heard an “alarming sound.”

Cassabria investigated and found the senior dog, Luka, with his head barely above water in an in-ground pool. Cassabria made a split second decision to jump the fence surrounding the yard and he plunged into the pool to rescue the struggling dog. As reported by Boston News, Cassabria sat with the tired dog for over an hour until the Woburn Animal Control arrived.

According to CNN, Luka’s family had just left town and a neighbor was tasked with caring for the dog while they were away. In a completely uncharacteristic move, Luka went out his doggy door and somehow fell or jumped into the pool before the neighbor even came over. His owner tells CNN,

We have a doggie door and he’s used that doggie door for 15 summers,” said Caldwell. “He goes outside, goes right to the bathroom, and normally goes back in and stays in the air conditioned house.”


This came as a complete shock to us.

The Caldwells are extraordinarily grateful to the unlikely hero who saved their beloved dog. In fact, Julie Caldwell even wrote an email to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to commend John Cassabria for saving their pet.

As for Cassabria, he just did what most animal lovers would do – he said:

Animals are my life and I can’t imagine what I’d do if my dog was in Luka’s situation.

Great job John Cassabria! You are a true hero.

(Photo via Amazon/Boston.com)

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