Unrestrained dog spotted on flatbed truck going 70 mph on highway

A viral video, of an unrestrained dog riding on the back of a flatbed truck travelling at 70 m.p.h. on a Utah highway, has sparked outrage among animal lovers. According to WAVE 3 News, a “concerned citizen” took the video of the dog and posted it to social media.

Deann Shepherd with the Humane Society of Utah commented on the footage:

The video just makes your heart stop. The first thing you think is ‘Oh my gosh, that poor dog.’ Not only is it completely dangerous for the animal but also for the other motorists driving around.”

Though thousands of dogs die due to falls from moving vehicles, it is not illegal to transport a dog in this manner in Utah…unless the unrestrained dog falls out and gets hurt or dies. Which of course at that point, is too little too late for the impacted pet.

Click here to read about the danger of transporting dogs in truck beds, and what you can do to make things safer for your pet.

(Screenshot via wave news)

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