Update: Nola’s loyalty betrayed and now she needs our help

It was just 24-hours ago when Nola’s viral photo told her heartbreaking story. It was when the scared senior arrived at St. Landry Animal Rescue in a wire cage in the back of an open truck on a rainy day – she was soaked. Obviously Nola wasn’t important enough ride in the cab of the truck on a day of a pouring rain storm.

A shelter volunteer posted her photo on the organization’s Facebook with only a few words. Need we say more?


This senior girl valued her owner’s opinion. THAT SHE WAS SAFE … so she graciously exits her kennel. And enters shelter LIFE. SLAR OPELOUSAS,LA.”

Nola was frightened, and when her owner left, she nearly panicked; the noise, the strangers – and she was blind.

“She pancake walks, and tries. But her past will only make shelter life harder. Years of being a pet, rings louder than hundreds of dogs’ echos of barks… This is the fate of some unwanted pets. She has been given a blessing, she is lying in our director’s office … at least its quiet.

Meet Nola just another forgotten soul looking for answers … peace. “

On Thursday evening, the director of St. Landry Animal Rescue  became concerned with Nola’s condition; the dog was unsteady and wobbly on her feet. Nola was transported to the Bellevue Animal Clinic where veterinarians immediately went into action to help the dog.

“Nola is wobbly, blind and frightened. But heartwarming and angelic! Doing the best we can!…”

Nola remains at the clinic, but is more relaxed and her condition has stabilized. It the veterinarian is in agreement Nola is able to be adopted, an approved rescue organization might be the best option. Email to stacey.alleman@stlandryparish.org if interested. ALL OPTIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED.

Donations welcome….call Bellevue 337-942-7126
PayPal to stacey.alleman@stlandryparish.org
Miracles in the Makin, SLAR
OPELOUSAS,LA 337-501-9100

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