Update on Baxter who was struck by vehicle and left with back legs broken

Baxter’s story brought tears to all of our eyes. On Friday, he arrived at Stray Rescue of St. Louis; it’s hard to believe people can be so cruel.

According to the rescue organization, Baxter had been hit by a car resulting in his two back legs being broken. The accident happened six weeks ago, and at the time he had been abandoned and left in excruciating pain. From there, he was sent to a veterinarian’s office where he does not appear he received any appropriate treatment for his leg fractures. He was then sent to an animal shelter in Illinois.

Sadly, Baxter had labored breathing and was in excruciating pain. Although his prognosis remains guarded , a few days of love, attention, pain medication and excellent care have certainly made a difference:

“… he went outside to sunbathe today! He ate his food and let us carry him outside. He even stood, but can’t walk. He’s on steroids and lots of good pain meds. This guy has filled out hearts. He is showing us he wants this new life … and we are going to give it to him,” the rescue posted on their Facebook page.

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Supporters, make it possible for dogs like this to at the very least, get a fighting chance. Thank you for your love always. Strayrescue.org/Stracks

Updates to follow.

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