Update on helpless scared pup who avoids all human touch

In rural Texas, hidden in a shelter with no public access, a helpless and scared 15-pound pup shivered and cried in the corner of her kennel cage avoiding all human touch. She had been taken away from her owner pending an animal cruelty charge.

And so the story began with a Christmas miracle by Dallas Dog -Rescue.Rehab.Reform ; the dog had been in the shelter for 30 days alone. She sat in fear shivering – her head inched into the corner of the shelter cage lying in her own urine. She had no chance of being rescued; there is no staff at the shelter and the small set of kennels were only for the use of animal control officers.

On Sunday, soon after, the pup who had no faith in humans any longer, the pup who had been betrayed and repeatedly beaten with a belt, tied to a tree outside and soon destined to die – had been rescued. Her name is now Gia – (Italian origin meaning “God’s gracious gift).

Gia’s road to recovery will be a long journey.

“She is currently sitting on her bed watching the staff and listening from afar, when you get close to her she will run and hide under the bed. During the day she has the opportunity to run with a few of the smaller dogs she is enjoying bonding with the dogs. She watches their behavior with the humans and that will begin the process of trusts and she will adjust to the routine,” the organization posted on their Facebook page Monday afternoon.


Check out her video on Day 2.

Updates will be posted throughout her rehabilitation. A trainer will work with her and help her to transition into a foster home. Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

Read prior story about Gia here.

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