Update on puppy found with hook embedded into her neck

An abandoned puppy in St. Louis, Missouri, was found late last week, chained to a fire hydrant which was connected to a clip that was pierced through the skin of her neck.

“Another first for us. Sadly, we see embedded collars all the time. And although it’s absolutely awful, we are used to seeing it. This dog was chained to a fire hydrant – and she’s not wearing a collar. This large clip is actually pierced through her neck! It has been like this awhile because the tissue has grown around it. We’re going to have to surgically remove it,” Stray Rescue of St. Louis stated.

Rescuers at Stray Rescue of St. Louis named her Willa, and the puppy underwent surgery to remove the embedded clip.

It turns out that Willa’s real name is Penelope, and she had been stolen from her home – winding up in the wrong hands. She was reunited with her family on Tuesday.

“Her nightmare (and her family’s!) is over…Thank you to everyone who fell in love with her the minute she arrived. She will have a beautiful life with her loving family and fur siblings. We’re thrilled for her happy ending and we can’t wait to get updates!,” the rescue organization posted on their Facebook page.

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