Update on ‘Ribeye’ left behind and holding onto a blanket

In Camarillo, California, an eight-year-old American bulldog still looks around a kennel cage at the Camarillo Animal Shelter and wonders why he is there. His name is “Ribeye,” and he was surrendered to the shelter after his owner moved away. Arrangements were made with a neighbor to bring him to the shelter.

A popular photo showing Ribeye carrying a pink blanket in his mouth broke our hearts. It was originally reported the blanket had been left behind for the dog by his previous owner, however please note the blanket was provided for Ribeye by the shelter. Every pet entering the shelter receives a blanket, a bed and toys according to  Ventura County Animal Services.

The Ventura County Animal Services have since reported a number of organizations are holding fundraisers for Ribeye, but it has not been verified if the funds collected will be given towards the dog’s care or to the organization who will ultimately be in charge of his care.

We ARE however, holding a fundraising Gala on November 2nd to benefit ALL of the animals in our care!  Learn more at www.vcas.us/Gala. Tickets can be purchased at www.VCASgala2019.givesmart.com.

There are many reputable rescue organizations that help shelter dogs – just do your homework. Share Ribeye’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

Adoption listing link for Ribeye. He is still marked as available for adoption.

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