Urgent: Help needed for battered and bruised pup dumped on side of the road

Meet the dog who was dumped on the side of the road in Tampa, Florida all battered and bruised. Good Samaritans found him and brought him to a veterinarian, but the animal hospital needs donations to help pay for his expenses.

This boy has the sweetest face and everyone who sees him is heartbroken. The poor pup is malnourished, his face is swollen, there are bruises on his face and head and something seems to be wrong with his shoulders as he can barely walk.

“The clinic did a few tests and have discovered that he is Heartworm positive, full of worms, infection on face, and is injured. The county will put him down due to his condition. He is estimated to be between 3-5 years old and is incredibly gentle and loving. PLEASE CONSIDER FOSTERING! EVEN IF ONLY FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. We aren’t sure if he’s dog friendly but he’s not reacting to the other dogs in the clinic.(good sign). We can get you tall swing door metal gates to keep your dog separated from him until he has healed and can do a proper introduction. Please send a message for more details. Time is running out.”

The Pittie Party of Central Florida has stepped up to help, but they need a foster home in the central Florida area. He has not been tested with other dogs or pets so it is indicated he be safely separated from other pets in the home.

“I’m so afraid for what will happen to this guy,” the foster based animal rescue organization posted on their social media page Thursday evening. “It’s clear he has lived a life of Hell.”

Please click here if you are able to donate. Pledges are being accepted.

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