Urgent rescue underway for heartbreaking stray pup who has brought everyone to tears

On Monday afternoon, a critical appeal for help had been sent out from OC Animal Care in Tustin, California. A three-year-old brown and white pup had arrived at the shelter on Sunday as a stray. Her condition appeared grave, however some big-hearted rescuers refused to give up hope.

“This poor dog needs your help! She was brought in yesterday as a stray. She has ascites, not eating, depressed and unable to walk on her own. We suspect cause of ascites is due to heart failure and liver failure. Her prognosis is grave. Due to her the severity of her condition, she will need rescue by 5pm today Monday 12/7…”

And the plea went out on social media along with her photo; it wasn’t long before Kelly Reeves, founder of Paw Prints in the Sand Animal Rescue responded and stepped up to help. She named her Victory, and off the dog went to the emergency veterinarian hospital where she will be provided with the best of care.

“…Miss Victory is on her way to getting the care she so desperately needs!
If she can make it, I will be fostering her and will be posting plenty of updates.”
Victory’s prognosis is not known; updates to follow.

“As you can see she is emaciated and in very poor condition, currently inhibiting a large amount of fluid in her abdomen. We are waiting for our vet’s evaluation to determine her status and what we are looking at in terms of needed medical treatment!  … Even if it’s for hospice, we will make sure she’s comfortable and cared for. ♥️♥️
Pledges can be sent via our website at Www.pawprintsinthesand.org/donate
Paypal: donations@pawprintsinthesand.org

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