Washington shelter hopes to find dog who ‘hitch-hiked’ to the state from Yellowstone Park

A Washington state animal shelter is hoping to find the rightful owner of a dog who “hitch-hiked” all the way from Yellowstone National Park. A post about the dog’s unusual journey was made on the City of Shelter Dog Pound Facebook page:

❗️This might be a long shot but please share!❗️ This dog has hitch hiked her way from Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming to WA. She is lost and scared. She is currently being fostered. Please share to who you can to find her home.

With an update stating that the dog’s owners have not yet been found:

We have not had any luck so far with anyone coming forward to claim her. We will keep trying. For any adoption inquiries, please hold off on that and pray for a reunification for the time being. Will keep everyone updated. Thank you for all the shares and concerns so far! Keep sharing!

KIRO News reports that the dog was found in the national park on Sept. 28 and the finders took her to park rangers to see if anyone had reported her missing. If nobody claims the dog within 30 days from the day she arrived to the animal shelter in Washington, she will be put up for adoption. The shelter is hopeful that her photo will be shared far and wide to help find her true owners.

Find the Facebook page for the shelter in Shelton, WA, here.

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