Watch: Most adorable puppies had the run of the Georgia Aquarium

Two adorable puppies, named Carmel and Odie, had the run of the Georgia Aquarium on Wednesday, and the heartwarming frolic was posted to a video on social media.

The Georgia Aquarium has been closed to the public because of the coronavirus pandemic, but the Atlanta Humane Society and the aquarium wanted to make everyone smile – and really who doesn’t turn a frown upside down when puppies are scampering around underwater tunnels and through the gallery of whales, sharks and lots of other species swimming in the 6.3 million gallon habitat.

Checking out the video, it didn’t seem the fish took much notice of the rambunctious eight-week-old terrier mixes, but nonetheless a grouper did swim up to the window wondering what those little fluffy poofs could be. The puppies checked out a few things – not necessarily the fish though. Somehow the air conditioning vents were more interesting!

Carmel and Odie are not available for adoption yet, but are most grateful that at least 200 animals are being fostered. There are some  other dogs and cats available for adoption. Why not stop by online?  Check out all the different ways to can help.

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