‘Who wouldn’t want to pet this belly?’ Help Phantom find a home

The Toledo Humane Society is asking for help. They admit they are stumped and are hoping to find “who wouldn’t want to pet this belly?”

This adorable boy arrived at the shelter at the end of October 2020 from another shelter. He is described as constantly happy and loves to be with people as well as other dogs.

“Phantom loves nothing more than spending time with people and with dog friends, and this special boy adores playtime – he even knows how to sit on command! You can tell he wants to learn more skills and commands, and he is always waiting for instructions on how to please his people!
When it comes to other pups, Phantom has proven that he does very well in playgroups with pups like him! He is super loose and wiggly (the perfect description of this wiggly boy!), and tends to stay to himself until other dogs greet him. Once they do come and say hi, he has nothing but a good time with them – and it’s zoomies all day every day!”
Phantom is currently in foster care and loves his time away from the shelter environment. His foster home says he is learning everyday, and his favorite sport is fetching a ball which has become an asset for expending some of his incredible energy.

“Phantom’s foster family also reports that he is doing better with playing with their dogs but still plays rough, which seems to be his favorite thing (he just loves friends!). He is developing an attachment to his family and loves to snuggle, and he is the best copilot when his foster mom has to run errands!”
Although Phantom is loving his stay in foster, he’s ready for his own home as well as his own couch. Please share his story with friends, family and social media contacts. We just know that someone will fall in love with him soon and a new story will begin for this special pooch.

Email foster@toledohumane.org to learn more and to begin the process to meet him.

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