Woman arrested for leaving friend’s muzzled dog in hot car while she worked

A woman, dog-sitting a friend’s pet, was arrested on Memorial Day after police had to rescue the dog from a parked car. As reported by NBC Connecticut, 26-year-old Annabelle Gonzalez allegedly left her friend’s pit bull inside of a parked car in Farmington while she went to work “for a few hours.”

The authorities were called out to the vehicle, which was parked on Executive Drive, after reports were received about a distressed dog locked inside. Responding officers found a pit bull, wearing a muzzle, laying inside of the car…the dog’s tongue was hanging out and he needed to be moved to a “cooler environment” after being left inside of the parked vehicle.

Gonzalez was arrested and she is facing a charge of cruelty to animals.

The woman who left the dog in the car had cracked two of the windows – it is critical to note that cracked windows do very little to cool the interior of a hot vehicle. If it is warm outside, leave your pets at home. If you are out and about and notice a distressed dog inside of a parked vehicle, please reach out to the authorities for help.

(stock image of dog inside of car via Pixabay)

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