Woman charged after leaving dog alone for weeks causing pet to die

A New Jersey woman has been charged for allegedly leaving her dog alone for over a month without adequate food or water, causing her pet to die. According to multiple sources, 34-year-old Nora L. Seay, of Sayreville, left her Pomeranian, named Lady, alone at her home beginning on Dec. 31, 2018 – Seay did not return until the first week in February. By that time, Lady had died.

Seay’s decision to leave her dog unattended, without proper sustenance, has resulted in a charge of causing bodily injury resulting in the death to a living animal by failing to provide necessary care as the owner charged with the care of the animal.

No information has been released as to why Seay left the dog unattended for over a month.

(Stock image of a Pomeranian)

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