Woman charged for abandonment of dehydrated, cold dog found in trash bag

Police in Cook County, Illinois, have arrested a woman for abandoning a dog who was found in a trash bag in Willow Springs two weeks ago. As reported by Fox 32 News, 48-year-old Janiel Mixon is identified as the woman who dumped a pit bull dubbed Vinny.

Investigators determined that Mixon was the last person who owned Vinny. When the dog was found on February 17, he was cold, dehydrated and appeared to be malnourished. He was discovered inside of a secured trash bag that was left on Forest Avenue.

When the Cook County dog warden first observed the abandoned dog, he noted that Vinny was “unresponsive” because of the cold and dehydration. Vinny was rushed to a veterinarian for emergency care and he continues to recover from kidney issues and the effects of dehydration.

Mixon was arrested on two misdemeanor counts of cruel treatment of an animal and violating the owner’s duties statute; she has already been released on a cashless bond. She is due in court on April 27.

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