Young dog died after Tennessee man posted dog fight on social media

In Cleveland, Tennessee, a young dog died on Monday and a man has been arrested after a video posted on social media showed two dogs fighting. Matthew Garman, 21, faces dog fighting or baiting animals charges.

According to the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office, Gartman posted a video showing two dogs fighting with “He did good” as the caption.

“In the video, one dog was on top of the other, pinning it down and biting it on the neck area. The caption posted with the video read “He did good”, in reference to the dog on top, which was later determined to belong to the family at the residence where the dog fight occurred. There were no attempts made by spectators to stop the dog fight during the recording of this video…”

The video was sent to the sheriff’s office by a concerned citizen, and Garman was arrested and transported to the Bradley County Jail.

The 13-month-old dog named Manny was later found and sent to an emergency veterinarian hospital where surgery was performed, however the friendly pup succumbed to his injuries.

“His wounds were traumatic and despite the valiant efforts by the team of veterinarians caring for him he just couldn’t make it through. We are all saddened,” representatives from the veterinarian hospital said.

Rest in peace Manny.

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