Young shepherd overwhelmed by animal shelter environment

A young German shepherd is so overwhelmed at a Pasadena animal shelter that he hides beneath his bed trying to escape. On Thursday, the Pasadena (Texas) Animal Shelter posted a photo of the terrified dog and explained:

Please don’t look away.

This is Vader, normally one of our happiest dogs. The stress of the shelter and meeting prospective families, only to go right back in the kennel—it’s getting to him. We’re truly heartbroken to see this exuberant dog’s spirit slowly crushed. We’re doing all we can to play with Vader and love him. But it’s not enough. He needs YOU.

According to the shelter, outside of the kennel area, Vader is “playful and fun.” But he is clearly frightened and stressed when he is put away inside of his kennel run.

Help Vader

You can help this sweet boy find a loving and understanding family by sharing his information. German Shepherds are intelligent, intuitive and devoted dogs who make phenomenal companions. Please give Vader a chance by sharing his story.

Vader is neutered and heartworm negative. If you have questions about him, please email or call 281-991-0602.

Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the animal control agency. The Pet Rescue Report is NOT the point of contact and Petharbor will reflect the most current information about availability.

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